A Summer Higuera Ranch Wedding in San Luis Obispo

No more waiting for this Summer Mexican fiesta inspired wedding, bright, colorful, fun and vibrant!

AT LAST.  The pandemic threw a lot of love stories for a loop but for the most part a large number of them were able to improvise quickly celebrating the beauty of the central coast of California with micro weddings picking right back up where they left off. 

However, not all love stories were as lucky to go exactly as planned or recover quite as quickly to what 2020 threw at us. Sometimes you can plan and plan and think a thing is going to go a certain way, but due to unforeseen circumstances… it just doesn’t. This was absolutely the case with Alisha’ and Matthew’s four year long engagement journey and postponed 3x’s wedding plans. 

Alisha and Matthew found themselves newly engaged during the height of the pandemic postponing and rescheduling their dream celebration several times over the course of a few years. With a beautiful baby girl on the way, when it seemed like all the planning and postponing was too much to fuss about, a surprise elopement took place. Eventually after the dust from the pandemic had settled a bit and they had time to adjust to their new life with a brand-new bundle of joy, they were finally able to make time for the fantastic fun filled celebration that was a long-awaited dream in their hearts. Ricardo was ready to create exactly what they have dreamed off for so long!

The beautiful Higuera Ranch was the perfect venue for this Summer Mexican fiesta inspired wedding, bright, colorful, fun and vibrant, the warmest of sunny days with a wonderful light breeze and a beautiful bright blue sky. Nestled along 80 acres of foothills at the bottom of the Cuesta Grade in San Luis Obispo at the lovely Higuera Ranch. There was so much love in the air. I will never forget the energy in the bridal suite was extremely calm, inviting and relaxed. You could feel the weight of an unexpectedly long engagement lifted from the group. It was obvious that it was such a wonderful relief to be there finally rejoicing, celebrating and enjoying the big day. 

The parade of seven flower girls was a sight to see as they filed out from the barn toward our gorgeously adorned circular arch, their custom flower baskets brimming with fresh petals, in swaths of tool and fresh flower crowns with trailing ribbons. Tears of joy slipped out of my own eyes as I placed flowers beneath their beautifully decorated cake of fondant and lace. There was a lot of love there at the ranch that day and you could really feel it in the barn. 

Sometimes love stories just work out better that way, all mixed up and turned around and not in the order that you thought that they’d be but even more beautiful and fuller of love than you could ever imagine. Event Planning by Lisa from Live and Love Events.

Alisha wanted bright, bold and loud wedding florals that everyone would remember for years to come accented with a taste of Mexico and fun pops of sunflowers. I think we accomplished her vision wonderfully as I sit here writing this two years later with the beauty of their floral arrangements still brimming fresh in my mind. Visit our Budget Calculator.

bright colorful bouquets

Your favorite ladies

The sweetest of blooms

san luis obispo florist

Love is all around us at Higuera Ranch, SLO

Vibrant floral hues of yellow sunflowers, red and orange roses, hot pink and purple larkspur

san luis obispo florist

Flower Girls with their Frida Kahlo inspired head wreaths are ready to celebrate

Floral sprays bursting with color and organic style greenery

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