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Succulents for your Wedding

Succulents are in and in a big way. Mother earth is going to love you too!  There are so many varieties available, so select a few and start growing them in large pots and in a few months you’ll be ready to create your own centerpieces for that eco-friendly wedding you’re planning.

It’s a good idea to start collecting a cohesive selection of vases or containers you’ll be using, visit the local thrift or discount stores for affordable containers that fit the look of your wedding, I know it’s a slow process but in time you’ll have a great collection to get you started. Please I do not want you to stress so plan to have your centerpieces ready at least one 10 days before your wedding, you should not have to water them at all.

Before you start make sure you purchase floral foam for fresh flowers, moss, river rock, and branches for accent. Now soak the floral foam in water, let the block of foam float on the water until it gets saturated on it own. DON’T PUSH IT DOWN! Later, trim to fit in your vase tightly, cut apart the succulents and carefully insert them into the floral foam about 1.5″deep, make sure you add succulents with some height and texture, add the branches and moss for a more natural look. Done! Really it’s that easy.

If you like your table centerpiece to look more interesting simply add 3 small pots/vases with single clipping and adorn them with moss. Scattered river rock around the different vases and now it will appear larger.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.