Bridal Bouquet 101 for your Central Coast Wedding

There is a long history and much symbolism behind bridal bouquets that you may never have known about. Ceremonial florals have been causing a stir as far back as the ancient Romans when flowers or herbs were brought forth at ceremonies to signify fertility, fidelity and new beginnings. 19th century maidens marveled at Queen Victoria’s union to Prince Albert in which she carried a small clutch of flowers during the ceremony. The Bridal Bouquet is born!

Your bridal bouquet for your central coast wedding is sure to wow you and your guests. Choosing the right flowers and colors for your bridal bouquet is no easy task. The options are limitless, and it can often be overwhelming trying to decide on a style to fit your personality. Ricardo will help you make the right choices based upon seasonal availability, style and affordability.

Certainly, you will want to choose florals that speak to you, represent your unique style and complement your own individual aesthetic. Once all your floral design choices are made, you will need to think of how you will properly care for your fresh arrangement on the day of and after your wedding celebration. 

Generally, your florist will likely make your bridal bouquet the day before or the day of your wedding for optimal freshness. Even so, the freshest of bouquets will still wilt if left in the sun out of water so you will want to keep your bouquet cool and shaded once it is delivered to you. 

Keep the vase your bouquet is delivered in close at hand so you can pop your bouquet back into the water any time you need to put it down. This will ensure you are not resting it on a table or chair crushing and bruising petals. Your florist will likely have a spray bottle with a floral preservative solution to keep petals moist and fresh on the day of your event. 

Our very favorite moment of any wedding celebration is witnessing the look on the bride’s face when she sees her bridal bouquet for the very first time. It’s a magical moment and there are usually happy tears so be sure to have a few tissues on hand.

Once you know how to care for your arrangement you may be wondering, how do I hold my bridal bouquet? Am I doing it right? Hold your bouquet low and with relaxed arms. Just about at the navel is a good place to rest the stems. This ensures that the bouquet will not hide you or detract from your beauty in the photographs you will keep for the rest of your life. 

Hold the stems toward the top, but do not choke them. By holding the stems at the top, you have more control of the bouquet and are less likely to drop it.  You’ll want to turn the stems slightly inward towards your body with blooms facing out so that your photographs will showcase the beauty of the bouquet and its fresh garden blooms, not just a bundle of stems. If you choose a cascading bouquet, hold it at an angle. This will allow you to make the most of its flowy “draped” effect. 

After your ceremony you will want to pop your bouquet back in a vase of water because it will be tired from the big show. Let it rest during your reception, after your photos have been taken, you don’t need to carry it around with you all night long. 

Your bridal bouquet for your central coast wedding can be preserve, ask your florist to recommend a floral preservation service as there are many options for turning your masterpiece into a keepsake work of art for many years to come. Visit our Budget Calculator.


Photographer: Amber McGaughey

a colofull jewel tone bouquet for vineyard wedding on the central coast

Photographer: Jessica Sofranco

Photographer:Yvonne Goll

Photographer:Yvonne Goll

bridal bouquet for this White Barn Wedding.

Photographer: Anna Delores